ROTAMATE evo - Laser cutting system for rotary dieboards

Highly productive laser cutting system for manufacturing rotary dieboards

  • Rofin Sinar slab-laser source up to 3000 watt
  • Working area: 3000 mm (118") rotary diameters 177 to 800 mm (7 to 105")
  • Milling unit QUICKMILL with 6 position tool changer
  • Fast engraving head QUICKSCAN
  • Automatic shaft height control for different shell diameters
  • Quick and user-friendly change of material
  • Collision protection system Crash Protec
  • Dynamic topology measuring system QUICKTOP
  • State of the art digital drive concept
  • V8 ® CNC-controller with touch screen inferface
  • Low energy and maintenance costs
  • Available as stand-alone or combo system