IADD Odyssey 10 - 12 May 2023

We are exhibiting on IADD Odyssey from 10th to 12th May 2023 in Milwaukee, WI. Come and see us on booth # 500. We will inform about the most recent ELCEDE developments.

We look forward to see you there!

Report about ESU Technology Forum 2022

Thanks to everyone for attending the ESU Technology Forum from 02 - 03 June 2022 in Luxembourg and visiting the ELCEDE booth!

ELCEDE presented the current machine program at the booth and provided information about innovations and further developments. After the Corona break, it was a pleasure to meet customers and prospects in person again, to have interesting conversations and to discuss investment projects.

Once again, the Technology Forum was a very good platform to discuss the future of diemaking. 

We are there for you!

Dear Customers,

due to the current situation with the spread of the COVID 19 infections we took measures to be there for you even in this difficult time.

To prevent more contagions we are working via home office and in displaced order. We also arranged that our service support is furthermore available via phone and e-mail from the known locations in Germany, France, USA, China, Japan, Korea and South Africa.

We filled up our warehouse so spare parts can be shipped in our usual times of delivery from the known locations in Germany, France, USA and Japan.

We hope that the current situation will be changing to a positive side soon again and being able to visit you and do our service on site as usual.

Till then we wish you all the best health and strong nerves to fight the spread of Covid 19.

Stay healthy!

Your team ELCEDE


Report about the International Demo Days 2019

From 7 to 19 October 2019 the International Demo Days took place in our premises. Customers and interested parties could inform themselves in detail about the CIM-Line SMARTfactory concept.

With approx. 80 visitors from 15 different countries, the Demo Days were a complete success. The focus was on the presentation of the CIM-Line SMARTfactory concept: the machines are working from one common database and can be accessed from anywhere. Transparent manufacturing with getting all necessary statistics is now possible by a mouse click and can be also connected to your existing ERP-system.

With our latest adaptions and automation functions we can now also dramatically reduce the amount of labor for the machine operators and therefore help to save a lot of time and money when making die tools.

The positive response encourages us to support the demands of the ongoing digitalisation and technologization with our products and solutions.

We thank you very much for your visit and look forward to the next event.

Report about ESU Technology Forum 2019

Thanks to everyone for attending the ESU Technology Forum on September 13th and 14th in Luxembourg and visiting the ELCEDE booth!

The show was a great success and ELCEDE demonstrated the first automatic solution to process creasing rules, the CUTMATE evo. The needed CAM file is being created automatically from the CAD and sent to the machine. The needed material will be chosen and fed in the CUTMATE evo to process and sort it individually in boxes. Based on this technology no extra operator is needed in front of it and labor costs can be dramatically reduced!

Also, a big group of employees of ELCEDE came to visit the show on Friday to learn more about our industry and customers, the really enjoyed this trip!

It was especially nice to meet and see once again a lot of international customers and discuss the future of diemaking with them.

We're already looking forward to the next ESU Technology Forum in 2021 in Luxembourg.

LCS laser cutting machines – an all-time best sellers

ELCEDE is one of the pioneers manufacturing lasers for the diemaking industry. The first one got installed already in 1981! Ever since the machines have been further developed optimized to achieve perfect results with state-of-the-art technology.

Innovation has always been a key to ELCEDE’s great success and a lot of those new ideas have been introduced over the years to the international diemaking market, such as:

-    Developing the pulse-cutting technology for dieboards (1983)
-    First flat and rotary combo laser worldwide - LCS 220 MFKR (1985)
-    First user in the diemaking industry of Rofin Slab lasers (1995)
-    First Nozzle Crash protect system (1998)
-    First external rotary shell preparation (1999)
-    Inhouse programmed and specialized front user interface (2002)
-    Remote Online diagnostic system (2004)
-    8-direction cutting control for perfect kerf control (2005)
-    Auto loading and unloading device for wooden boards (2006)
-    Digital drive and feedback systems (2008)
-    Integration of fast engraving head on flat bed lasers (2013)
-    First rotary laser with high power milling spindle
      including automatic multiple position tool changer (2014)
-    Internal machine network with digital Ethercat modules (2015)
-    Integration of fast engraving head on rotary lasers (2016)
-    Server data base for all machine data (2017)

All those above-mentioned features have been integrated in our in our laser systems over the years in a continuous way. One machine type especially has seen a lot of evolution during all the years always keeping the main concept alive: the LCS series. The LCS machines are an all-time best seller in ELCEDE’s history and have been installed all over the world. Some of them have reached more than 100.000 working hours before they got replaced by a new ELCEDE machine, so this machine can be truly be considered as a long-term work horse and back bone for every diemaker. It is available as combo machine or flatbed only.

One more prove which shows the great innovations by ELCEDE is that a lot of our inventions have been copied by other suppliers in the industry. We are not mad at them, no (as long as they don’t try to make it look like it was their own invention or idea…). Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness (as Charles Caleb Colton already said) and these companies are showing us that we are heading in the right direction. The Original is always coming from ELCEDE!

Contact us today for more information on our innovative products - ELCEDE is the only complete system supplier and your one-stop shop!

Report about ESU Technology Forum 2017

Thanks to everyone for attending the ESU Technologyforum on September 15th and 16th in Luxembourg and visiting the ELCEDE booth!

The show was a great success and ELCEDE demonstrated the most professional solution to industrialise the rule processing production for dieboards with its COILMATE evo.

One of the highlights was the calibration module QUICKSET which sets up all bending tables on the machine fully automatic and always guarantees perfect bending results.

It was especially nice to meet and see a lot of international customers and discuss the future of diemaking with them.

We're already looking forward to the next ESU Technologyforum in 2019 in Luxembourg.

Report about Odyssey 2017

The ELCEDE Odyssey team says thank you for the plenty of visitors during the show in Shaumburg (USA)!

With more than 1500 attendees, numbers have again increased since the show in 2015 and lots of existing customers and new prospects were able to see the latest innovations by ELCEDE.

The flatlaser LASERMATE evo with a 2000 watts Rofin Slab laser, fast etching head QUICKSCAN and material handling device QUICKLOAD was shown as well as the rule processing system COILMATE evo with integrated double sided broaching device, automatic nicking unit QUICKNICK, bending unit, box sorting device and auto calibration module QUICKSET. Machines of both types have already been sold during the show. 

Report about international ELCEDE Open House 2016

ELCEDE celebrated its 8th International Open House for diemakers in their factory in Kirchheim/Teck, Germany from 31st May to 10th June 2016. More than 300 customers and prospects from all over the world attended the show.

Several brand new innovations had been presented: One of the key developments was the new generation of the rule processing system COILMATE pro. It works without a hydraulic pump system and for the first time, up to 12 different tools can be used at the same time, the vertical adjustment can be set by the cnc-controller. The new auto calibration unit QUICKSET was also attached to the machine. It calibrates and adjusts all required bending tables automatically without any operator intervention.

The second innovation was the new designed milling system COUNTERMATE evo which processes all kinds of material such as phenolic, steel and wood. Depending on the individual requirements of the customer, different types of milling spindles, automatic tool changers and flexible vacuum size tables can be selected. Thanks to the optimized vibration reduced design of the table the machine can accelerate with a potential of up to 2g, best performance for the milling process and long lasting milling tools are guaranteed.

Beside those new developments, ELCEDE also demonstrated its complete program of machines for the die making industry. In the laser section, a flatbed machine of the type LASERMATE evo 2215 DC020 was showed with a fast engraving head and a bigger drive system for accelerating the machine up to 2g. Also, a rotary laser of the type ROTAMATE evo DC025 was on the floor, equipped with a high power routing spindle QUICKMILL, automatic tool changer and external preparation system for wooden shells.

In the rule processing area, a fully equipped COILMATE evo was showed, the NICKMATE for creating nicks in knifed die boards and a reconditioned rule processor ACS 100 with new cnc-controller and drive system for retrofitting on existing machines. Also, the latest version of rule preparation software STL16 was on display with further development for reducing the needed programming time for each job by using more automatic patterns which can be individually chosen and addressed.

A RUBBERMATE, a waterjet to cut all kind of different rubber materials was presented with optimized and space reduced high pressure piping.

Beside that the ELCEDE International Open House was also a perfect occassion to discuss businesses and interchange information in a special atmosphere while getting served with local food and drinks.

Visit report about international Open House 2014

ELCEDE celebrated its 7th International Open House for diemakers in their factory in Kirchheim/Teck, Germany, from 29th to 31st May 2014.

Center point of this event were the new developments in the laser cutting machines. The integrated fast engraving head and the milling device QUICKMILL with automatic tool changer was introduced for the LASERMATE evo series.

A major highlight to the visitors was the completely new rotary laser cutting machine ROTAMATE evo with integrated milling unit and automatic tool changer. This machine was developed and designed together with some leading die shops from the US and Germany. Obviously ELCEDE understood the requirements of the industry well as the machine seems to suit the demands of the diemaking market, three more machines of this type have been ordered during the show. In addition to that several flatbed lasers and rule processing machines were ordered directly on the show as well.

The new auto calibration module QUICKSET for rule processing machines from the COILMATE series drew a lot of attention from the visitors. This unit adjusts all bending and material tables fully automatic and therefore increases the quality of the bending results due to always up to date tables, plus it decreases the amount of labour time for the operators doing that job manually as in any other machine on the market.

Furthermore the new version of the NICKMATE for fully automatic milling of nicks in knifed die boards with all widths and depths was demonstrated.

All machines of the current machine program have been displayed which makes this event so unique. A lot of first time visitors are impressed with the set up and keep on returning from then on to the next Open Houses also due to the special atmosphere with seeing latest technology and getting served high quality food and drinks beside live music in the entertaining area.

All this is just possible with the family background of ELCEDE. Ever since company foundation in 1981, all shares are in possession of the family of Manfred Butenuth, Manfred's son Marc took over the business in second generation in 2006, other family members are also working in different functions in ELCEDE.

The customer is always the center of all action at ELCEDE. This starts at R&D and goes from internal manufacturing over to final assembling machines and machine components. After delivering equipment, ELCEDE guarantees efficient and fast online and telephone support by qualified service staff. On top of that, a high number of highly experienced service techs are onsite any customer in the world within a maximum of 48 hours due to the global ELCEDE service network with several partner companies.

The next Open House will be hosted from 31st May to 10th June 2016, at the same time as Drupa in Düsseldorf. We hope to see you there!

Fon: +49-(0)7021- 8002- 0
Fax: +49-(0)7021- 56338

Open House at ELCEDE's distributor NSK in Osaka, Japan

From 26 to 29 March 2014 ELCEDE distributor NSK was hosting an Open House in Osaka (JP).

To this event all Japanese diemaking companies were invited to come and see a LASERMATE evo and COILMATE evo in action. Both machines have already been sold and will be installed shortly.

Here are some pictures from the show:

IADD Lifetime Award for Manfred Butenuth

On the occasion of the IADD Odyssey show from 1st to 3rd May 2013 in Nashville, TN (USA), ELCEDE company founder Manfred Butenuth was honoured with receiving the Lifetime Award. Jury and Board were especially impressed with his deep impact on continous innovation to make the diemaking industry better and more eficient already since the early 1970’s. See some picturers attached of the official Award dinner evening. Here are some pcitures from the event. Click to enlarge: